Actual Figures is an electro/psych/rock/sometimes acoustic band consisting of Brandon Davis (bd) and Marie Mark Andersen (MMA). They do a variety of setups, often using found and original videoclips as an audio/visual element. Their Influences includes: Butthole Surfers, Negativland, Psychic TV, Sly and the Family stone, Nina Simone.

Guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Brandon Davis has roamed around the alternative music scenes of USA and Europe for more than 2 decades. Born and bred in Houston, Texas, He started out in bands like Japanic, Swarm of Angels and was a long time member of Indian Jewelry (now Studded Left). He Played as a hired gun for a year in Psychic Ills, briefly for Lower Dens and joined Moon Mountain for a while in Copenhagen. During all of these years he also fronted his own bands: First The Electric Set and later Terrible Eagle.

He met Marie in Copenhagen where they founded Actual Figures in 2015.

They are currently residing in Berlin and Catalonia.